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We believe that every child can learn, but each child has their own unique learning style. Our biblical curriculum is designed to meet the South Carolina Early Learning Standard and is critically aligned to cover the 5 domains of school readiness for preschoolers. These domains are: language and literacy development, cognition and general knowledge (includes science and math), approaches to learning, physical and motor development, and social and emotional development. Our teachers are constantly working to improve their skills as professionals and working toward the success of every child. We will teach life skills that will help children regardless of the direction life takes them.

This includes creativity, independence, responsibility, self-awareness, and a respect for other. Diversity is celebrated in our classrooms as we investigate the ways in which we are similar and how we are different. Children are taught to not only express themselves, but also to listen to and respect others who don’t share their same opinions.

We believe that God gave parents the responsibility of raising and educating their child(ren) and we consider it an honor when parents choose us to be a part of their child’s early childhood training. We believe we have a responsibility to model Christian values on our campus in a way that will encourage parents and students alike.

Our Christian preschool is licensed and approved by the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) as well as ABC quality centers. Every staff member is CPR certified, has SLED background checks, and exceeds the minimum requirement of 15 hours of yearly training. Our classroom sizes remain below the required DSS ratios and to ensure that each child receives individual attention. Safety is our main priority and to assist with safety concerns we have cameras in each classroom as well as tracking student movement throughout the day.