K4 Supply List



1 – Red & Blue 3-Fold Nap Mat* (labeled) Kindermat 5/8” x 19” x 45”

1 – XXL Mat Storage Bag*(labeled)

1- Small Blanket/Pillow/Pillowcase-         (no sleeping bags)

2- King-sized pillow case (to cover mat)

4- 2 Pocket Plastic Folders

1- Pack Colored Construction Paper

2- Packs Dry Erase Markers (1 pack black and one with various colors)

1- Pair of Child’s Fiskars Scissors- Blunt Tip (labeled)

1- Plastic Pencil Box

1- Pack (8 count) Large Crayola Crayons (West Campus Only)

1- Box regular Crayola Crayons (24 count) (West Campus Only)

3- Pack (8 count) Standard Crayola Crayon (North Campus Only)

1- Pack #2 Pencils

1- Pack Washable Markers  (standard colors)

2- Bottles of White School Glue

4- Small Glue Sticks

1- Marble Composition Notebook

1- Pack of White Paper Plates

Boys – 1 pack of plain index cards  (West Campus Only)

Girls – 1 bag of Cotton balls

1- Complete change of clothes in case of spills/accidents in gallon zip lock bag, labeled with child’s name

**1 Bottle Insect Repellant

**1 Bottle Sunblock

** Please label both items and place in a Ziploc bag-label the bag “For (child’s name) Use Only”

For privacy purposes, label items with first name only

                                  * These items are available in the front office for purchase. Nap mat: $10/Storage bag: $2

Please note: An additional list will be sent home in February to replenish disposable items, if applicable.