class readingAge-graded classes are offered for PreK-2 (2 year olds) through PreK-4 (4 year olds) using a combination of ABeka and WEE Learn curricula to enhance age and developmentally appropriate learning activities. This combination provides a well rounded academic environment that encourages active learning throughout each day. Preschoolers attend chapel weekly to learn about the great love of God through Jesus Christ.

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preschoolPreschoolers’ mornings are filled with organized music time, songs, large group, small group, and center time activities that promote development of spiritual, cognitive, social, emotional, movement, and language skills. Even our two year olds begin to learn phonics through age-appropriate activities in the classroom. Each year is progressive, intentionally building on skills learned in previous years to strengthen learning. PreK-4 students are prepared for early reading throughout the year and proudly demonstrate their early reading skills at the PreK4 graduation.