Middle School

Students use Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum in a Learning Center environment. ACE is individualized, self-paced curriculum that integrates goal setting, integrity, and time management into the program. Learning is designed to progress students from concrete to abstract reasoning skills. Diagnostic placement testing ensures that students begin at the point of their personal academic need. In this way, students are able to fill their “learning gaps” without the stigma of failing a grade or course. The emphasis of learning is on mastery learning, critical thinking, conceptualization, cognitive reasoning, and life principles from God’s perspective.

Character traits – such as honesty, kindness, and loyalty – are taught within subject content. Testing includes memorization of Bible verses. Students attend chapel weekly and participate in music, art, drama, and PE. This well-rounded curriculum strengthens academic instruction with life skills, Bible truths, Christian character, and discipline in study skills and behavior.

Students 12 and under participate in the one-day South Carolina Junior Convention held each spring. At Junior Convention, students compete against other ACE schools and students from around the state. Areas of competition include art, music, sports, academic, and drama. At the 2008 Junior Convention Riverpointe students placed first in music, drama, and sports.

Each spring, students ages 13 and over participate in a week long Regional Convention held at The Wilds in North Carolina. At Regional Convention students compete against students from 7 states in the areas of academics, athletics, art, music, drama, and Bible memorization. Students placing 6th or higher receive an invitation to participate in the International Convention in May.

In 2010 Riverpointe students traveled to Western Kentucky University to compete against students from 36 states and 27 countries from around the world. They returned home with 3 first place awards in discus, pastels, and color guard – in addition to many new international friendships.